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With our welding services, we will discuss your specific
requirements and schedule a quote for your business in Statesville.

Welding Services

We provide a number of different welding services to meet the needs of your business, and our on-site building services make it easy to fabricate the products, structures, and building solutions you require.

Custom Welding

Whether you are building a custom piece for your own manufacturing and production or you want a stylized yet functional design, we offer custom welding solutions that will give you the outcomes you are looking for.

Steel Welding

We have nearly 10 years of experience providing our customers with a variety of unique metal fabrication solutions and can manufacture many different products and materials with our services.

Master Metal Fabrication
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Master Metal Fabrication

At Master Metal Fabrication, we have nearly 10 years of experience providing commercial businesses with a variety of welding services and custom metal fabrication solutions. Whether your business is interested in a decorative feature or you need equipment fabricated as part of your own manufacturing process, you’ll find us equipped to provide the services and solutions you require.




Our welding services and custom metal fabrication
offer Statesville businesses quality solutions.

Welding Services

Our welding services go far beyond simple projects. We are equipped to handle a variety of materials and offer custom welding services to ensure that you get the high-quality outcomes you need.

Metal Fabrication

From commercial ductwork to industrial mezzanine flooring, our metal fabrication solutions are virtually endless. Let us know how we can manufacture the metal products and features that you need for your business.

Contact Master Metal Fabrication

At Master Metal Fabrication, we provide on-site builds, give reliable quotes, and offer low shop rates to ensure you get the most from your new products with us. We also offer quality service – you’ll always find a live person on the other end of the line – and we are proud to create products that we stand behind.

Contact us today if you have questions about our welding services or metal fabrication for your business in the Statesville, North Carolina area. We look forward to serving you.