2019 Forecasts in the Metal Fabrication Industry

steady support for the metal fabrication industryOver the past year, manufacturing has been on the increase and with it steady support for the metal fabrication industry. Concerns about the imposed steel and aluminum tariffs and their effects, along with inflation concerns, have caused some to be pessimistic about where the metal fabrication industry would find itself in 2019. The good news is that more than a dozen economic index numbers indicate a strong economy with forecasters expecting capacity utilization to remain at a strong 78.9 percent.

There are mixed feelings about the tariffs and how they affect the metal fabrication industry. Some are in favor of shaking up the status quo and leveling the import trade deficit and the potential to rekindle steel manufacturing in the United States. Others are opposed because of the increased costs and fear it could put some projects on the backburner until a resolution is found. However, thus far, most metal fabrication companies are reporting robust forecasts and that there hasn’t been that much of a dent in profits overall.

What that means is that if you are considering projects in 2019 that utilize the services of a metal fabrication company, it can feel a bit concerning not knowing what the future holds. The overall consensus is that if the costs today align with your goals, it is better to proceed than wait and hope things become more favorable. It is just as possible for prices to increase as to rise, and that has always been the way of things economically, particularly in the metal fabrication industry.

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