3 Crazy Things You Don't Already Know About Steel Welding

Steel welding seems like such a common process today, but advancements are still made in this industry every day. As steel welding experts, we enjoy learning more about our industry, where it’s come from, and where it’s headed, which is why we want to share these three crazy facts about welding with you:

1.  Welding is a process that dates back as far as the Bronze Age. Some of the earliest proof of welding from this period is in the form of small, gold, circular boxes that were formed by hammering two pieces of metal together.

steel welding experts

2.  Have you ever wondered what happens when two pieces of metal touch in space? They instantly become welded together! Although this sounds like it couldn’t possibly be true, bare or highly-polished pieces of metal will form together in space through a process referred to as cold welding. Through this process, the metallic bonds that hold the atoms together fuse together to form one piece of metal.

3.  In 1961, General Motors created the first industrial robot tasked with spot welding. In its basic form, this robot was an industrial motorized arm that performed step-by-step commands.

There’s so much we’re still learning about steel welding, but we see it as our job to continually update ourselves on advances in our industry for the benefit of our clients. For more information about steel welding and how we can help you complete an upcoming project, get in touch with us at Master Metal Fabrication today.