Differences Between MIG and TIG
Welding Services

When you require welding services, you generally don’t care what method they are employing so long as you get the results you need. You might not even have heard of MIG and TIG welding or know the differences between them. However, it can be helpful to understand the processes so that you have a better understanding about what can be accomplished and how the method used can influence the overall result and cost.

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MIG welding was first developed in the 1940s. It can be used for most types of metal but is used for those situations in which the weld quality isn’t as critical. It is the more cost-effective of the two as it can be accomplished quicker. It is not as precise as TIG welding, but the result is sufficient for many applications.

TIG welding services require more finesse, as it is a more manual welding process requiring more coordination and expertise than MIG welding. As such, it takes longer to do, so these services will run you a bit more money. However, it is the best option when you have a critical weld joint or need metal other than common steel welded.

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