Safety Guidelines for Using Metal Catwalks

Metal catwalks provide personnel with a way to access different areas of a building and supervise what is occurring on the production floor below quickly and easily. One of the benefits of metal catwalks is that, when durably constructed, they provide industrial sites with a way to use empty overhead space. After installation of your metal catwalk, make sure you and your team follow certain guidelines to maintain the safety of every user.

we create metal catwalks designed to enhance productivity

  • Only allow trained and authorized personnel to access the metal catwalk or work from it.
  • Before providing access to metal catwalks, provide complete fall protection training to all authorized personnel.
  • Before walking on the catwalk, make sure all tools are attached to your person to prevent anything from falling and causing injury to someone below.
  • If your metal catwalk has low clearance in certain areas, require all personnel to wear a hard hat when accessing this space.
  • When certain tasks require leaning over or through the catwalk, use guardrails to protect any equipment and use a fall protection system.
  • On a regularly scheduled basis, have your metal catwalks inspected to make sure all connections are secure, closed, and locked.
  • Never use planks, bars, ladders, or other devices to increase your height when on the catwalk.
  • Do not leave loose parts or equipment on the catwalk unattended when not in use.

At Master Metal Fabrication, we create metal catwalks designed to enhance productivity while providing an impeccable level of durability and safety. For a quote on a custom catwalk for your worksite, please contact us today.