The Art of Metal Fabrication

When you need a custom result for steel railings, stairwells, fences, gates, railings or even a beer brewing tank, it isn’t wise to choose just any metal fabrication professional. While you might get a serviceable product from most places, the finesse needed to get from raw materials to a flawlessly completed project is an artform that not everyone performs well.

you need someone dedicated to the complete metal fabrication process

If you want your metal fabrication project to look more like a rare painting hanging in the finest museum rather than the crayon picture posted on the refrigerator of a proud parent, you need someone dedicated to the complete metal fabrication process, right down to the finishing. The final task of any project is to remove sharp edges, smooth out welds, finish corners, and remove any imperfections that detract from the completed aesthetics. They have to have not only artistic talent, but experience to know the correct amount of material to remove, how much pressure to use, how to properly use the tools, and much more.

The level of artistry you desire for your metal fabrication will depend largely on the type of project. For example, if you need ductwork done that will be hidden from view, the appearance isn’t as critical as it would be for exposed ductwork in a restaurant.

Here at Master Metal Fabrication, you can be assured that we have the expertise to add the creative artistic flare that your project might call for, without sacrificing strength or durability. Turn to us for ductwork, beer brewing tanks, railings, fences, stairwells, gates, catwalks, and much more in Statesville, North Carolina. We aren’t happy until everything passes our inspection – and yours!