Unique Uses for Metal Catwalks

Metal catwalks are something that many manufacturing facilities would find it difficult to go without, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other uses for them. When you can work with a custom metal fabrication shop, the potential is practically limitless, and you can let your imagination guide you to unique uses.

metal catwalks can be the ideal solution.

  • Residential- Modern and industrial designs are gaining in popularity in residential properties. Consider unique metal catwalks for accessing other floors from the ground floor and navigating from room to room around a central open area. Another idea is a downscaled version of metal catwalks for . . . well, cats! Cats love to be at a high vantage point, and having a catwalk designed just for them to wander around at the top of the room will be a real treat for them.
  • Restaurant- Multi-story restaurants are all the rage, especially when renovating an historic home or turning an industrial building into a first-class restaurant. Whether you use metal catwalks for accessing various areas for your guests or so you can reach such things as wines stored along the walls, the aesthetics and functionality can make a great combination for a unique restaurant.
  • Join Buildings– Sometimes expanding a business means obtaining property across a busy highway or with something else in between such as a parking lot, river, or green space. If you want to easily access your second building from other than the ground floor, metal catwalks can be the ideal solution.

Here at Master Metal Fabrication, we are more than happy to assist you with designing and fabricating metal catwalks for any use – traditional or nontraditional. We can further assist you with stairwells, gates, fences, railings, and other features that will make your project everything you envision. Contact us today to learn more and discuss how we can create metal catwalks that will give you the functionality and beauty you deserve.