Metal Fabricators, Statesville, NC

If you need steel or metal fabricators for your new or existing business in Statesville, count on our experience and attention to detail.

Metal Fabricators in Statesville – Even with all the various other materials available these days, there are still many things that your new or existing Statesville, North Carolina business may need that require the strength and durability of metal. Here at Master Metal Fabrication, we offer a variety of options as the premier metal fabricators in the area.

Metal Fabricators in Statesville, North Carolina
All businesses need proper ductwork in order for the commercial HVAC system to properly heat and cool your building. Instead of going with standard mass-produced pieces that may need some creativity to fit together, count on us to provide quality materials and a custom result to your specifications. You’ll enjoy reliability and better results. We can also help you if you currently have ductwork that isn’t doing the job.

Another specialty you’ll find our metal fabricators are ready to help with is industrial mezzanine floors. If you are looking to utilize unused overhead space, we’ll make sure it is built to handle whatever you have planned, be that an observation deck, inventory storage or something else.

If you need a tank for storage, we can help you with that, as well. We are able to fabricate nearly any type of tank that you can rely on to safely hold its contents and also look good. We can custom design the opening, size, and shape to your specifications.

We also have experience with steel fabrication, so if you need steel stairwells, gates, fences, railings or something else, we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote that we’re confident you’ll find to be competitive and fair. If you would like to know more about what our metal fabricators can do for your business, don’t hesitate to contact us to get a quote and answers to your questions.

At Master Metal Fabrication, our metal fabricators proudly serve those in Statesville, Conover, Hickory, Mooresville, Newton, Taylorsville, and Troutman, North Carolina.