Steel Stairwells, Statesville, NC

Your Statesville business needs high-quality and durable steel stairwells to protect all that use them.

Steel Stairwells in Statesville – Did you know that over 1 million injuries occur in stairwells each year? While the majority of these injuries are not related to the stairwell itself, some are caused by collapses and railing failure. If you want to safeguard those who utilize your stairwells, going with quality constructed steel stairwells is a smart move. Here at Master Metal Fabrication, we take safety very seriously, and our well-trained and experienced steel fabricators create durable and beautiful results.

Steel Stairwells in Statesville, North Carolina

Our steel stairwells and railings are custom designed to offer a precise fit for any location. We can provide on-site welding and installation services when the situation calls for it. By using only high-quality materials that have the rating necessary for strength, we can assure you that everyone who uses your steel stairwells will be safe in terms of the stability of the stairwell. Our careful attention to detail ensures there are no rough edges or trip hazards involved that could further lead to disaster.

We have nearly a decade of experience providing top-quality workmanship on various metal fabrication projects. We take pride in providing custom metal fabrication solutions for a variety of business projects and applications in the Statesville, North Carolina area. If you need steel stairwells installed or repairs to your existing ones, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to meet with you and discuss the project to give you a quote we believe you’ll find to be affordable.

At Master Metal Fabrication, we can design and build steel stairwells for buildings in Statesville, Conover, Hickory, Mooresville, Newton, Taylorsville, and Troutman, North Carolina.