Electrode Welding, Statesville, NC

Many of our projects have relied on electrode welding.

More than a century ago, Oscar Kjellberg invented the first coated welding electrode. This invention came to be when he dipped a bare wire into a carbonate mixture, which included cellulose or wood pulp and silicates. The mixture acted as a binder, creating an impressive result that is still used today. Although welding techniques and products have come a long way, the basic principles in Kjellberg’s invention are still applied in today’s world in the process of stick welding, or shielded metal arc welding. The stick’s electrode coating provides a number of benefits, including a shield against decomposition of certain materials under extreme temperatures, stability of some of the elements used in the process, and additional filler metal and alloying.

Electrode Welding in Statesville, North Carolina

At Master Metal Fabrication, we provide electrode welding services that also rely on this process that was developed over 100 years ago. We use the latest equipment and tools to ensure an excellent result, but electrode welding is still one of the most trusted methods for fusing metal components. The benefits that come from this process are unrivaled, which is why we provide it to our valued clients.

Since our business was founded, we have worked closely with a number of commercial clients located in Statesville, North Carolina to deliver excellent results. Many of our projects have relied on electrode welding. Even if you’re not familiar with the process or this invention, we can tell you more about why this method works and how it can benefit your project. We stand apart from other welding companies by providing excellent service and products that last.

Electrode Welding in Mooresville, NC